Dolphins in Hernando Beach

Dolphins in Hernando Beach, Florida have attracted the attention of tourists and locals alike for many years. The dolphins are often seen in the Gulf of Mexico in the canals, in the Flats and out in the open water and are a spectacular sight. Dolphins are a species of marine mammal that are incredibly intelligent, and can often be seen leaping and swimming in the shallow waters of the canals in Hernando Beach. The dolphins are usually seen in groups, so there is plenty to watch.

The waters of Hernando Beach are also full of fish, crab, and other seafood, which makes this an ideal spot for the dolphins to feed. Dolphins regularly feed near the shore and also in waters further out. Dolphins feed mostly on small fish. Dolphins are curious creatures and often come close to boats and swimmers. They are known to follow boats and riders, sometimes getting within touching distance. Dolphins have been known to interact with boaters, including swimming alongside boats and swimmers, and at times show a real interest to human activity.

The dolphins of Hernando Beach are a great asset to the area, and visitors to the area should always keep an eye out for them. Watching them play, feed, and interact with other creatures is a beautiful sight that won’t soon be forgotten.

I recorded this video in August 2022 right in the canal.

In Hernando Beach, Florida, the sight of dolphins swimming through the waterways is a common one. These marvelous creatures can often be seen gliding gracefully through the waves, providing a stunning spectacle for observers. Despite their elusiveness, it’s possible to snap a photo if you’re lucky – sometimes you can catch their dorsal fins slicing through the water, and other times all you may see is the big swirl they leave in their wake. Nonetheless, every sighting is sure to be an amazing one that visitors won’t soon forget.
Dolphins in Hernando Beach