Storms & Hurricanes

Florida is a state that is prone to hurricanes due to its location along the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Hurricane season in Florida typically runs from June to November each year. These storms are strong and can cause severe damage to homes, businesses, and communities. In addition to strong winds, hurricanes can also bring heavy rainfall, storm surge, and flooding.

Hernando Beach, FL is no stranger to storms and hurricanes. Located in a coastal area, this community has been hit by devastating weather events in the past. Hurricane Idalia, in 2023, caused significant flooding and destruction to homes and businesses in the area. Since then, the community is working on rebuilding and has worked to prepare for future storms and hurricanes through improved emergency response plans.

Residents are advised to take storm preparations seriously, including having a plan in place for themselves and their families. This may include packing emergency supplies, such as food, water, and first aid kits, and knowing where to go if evacuation is necessary. Additionally, it is essential to stay informed on weather updates and heed any warnings from local authorities.

While storms and hurricanes can be frightening, it is important to remember that with proper preparations, the community can successfully weather the storm. By working together and being vigilant, residents of Hernando Beach can minimize potential damages and stay safe during severe weather events.

Hurricane Idalia 2023 

Idalia was a Category 4 hurricane that hit the Big Bend region of Florida on August 30. This devastating storm resulted in significant damage to areas in the southeastern United States, specifically Northern Florida, and caused the loss of businesses and homes. It emerged as the tenth tropical storm, third hurricane, and second major hurricane of the 2023 Atlantic hurricane season as it formed from a low-pressure area that crossed Central America from the Pacific Ocean. The system strengthened into a tropical depression on August 26, 2023. Upon traversing the Gulf of Mexico, it underwent rapid intensification, briefly becoming a Category 4 hurricane before making landfall in Florida as a Category 3 hurricane. It remained a hurricane as it advanced to Southeast Georgia, later transforming into a post-tropical cyclone that same day. Idalia caused tremendous damage across Florida and southeastern Georgia, resulting in four fatalities and thousands of damaged or destroyed structures, with early insured losses estimated to be between $2.2-5 billion.

Hurricane Idalia Track 2023

2023 Hurricane Evacuation Routes

There are many reasons why an evacuation may be necessary, ranging from natural disasters to other emergencies. In some cases, you will have some advance notice and can prepare accordingly, but other situations may require an immediate evacuation. Proper planning is crucial to ensure that you are able to evacuate quickly and safely, regardless of the circumstances.