Stilt Houses in Pasco County
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Stilt Houses in Pasco County

Stilt Houses in Pasco County

Set sail from Port Richey‘s waterfront district, and you may just be in for a treat! Boats passing by will be met with the sight of delightful shrimp trawlers, magnificently decorated homes, and clusters of lush mangroves. If you’re lucky, you could even be welcomed by a troupe of dolphins, a frequent occurrence during the journey down the picturesque Cotee River to the Gulf of Mexico.

Turning the corner to open waters, you may think you’re seeing an optical illusion – wooden buildings standing on pilings in the middle of the water. But your eyes haven’t deceived you – you’re witnessing the Pasco County’s prized “stilt houses”, a sight to behold.


The late Johnny Cash often made visits to one of the stilt houses, belonging to the parents of his beloved wife, June Carter Cash. It is rumored he was frequently joined there by his close friend, Reverend Billy Graham.

Old Stilt House in Pasco County
The eight stilt houses that line the Gulf Coast are charming vestiges of old Florida. Fishing communities used to build homes in the water to store and preserve their catch, as well as to find shelter during storms. Though all of these stilt houses are privately owned and cannot be rented, they have been officially protected by the State Legislature. New houses can no longer be built, but damaged ones may be repaired depending on the existing condition. Ownership has changed hands over the years as well.


Image by Google Earth

Image by Google Earth

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From the marina, it’ll take around an hour to reach the closest camp, and you’ll have plenty of time and energy left to circumnavigate three of the further structures. Before heading back, take a leisurely break at the nearby Durney Key, a cozy island spot popular among boaters.
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