Tide Table, Wind Conditions & Weather

The tide is always changing in Hernando Beach. Twice a day, the Gulf of Mexico recedes substantially. This is ideal for exploring the shoreline and reveling in the nature that Hernando Beach has to offer.


Red Tide Alerts

What is Red Tide?

Red tide is an algal bloom that occurs when dangerous toxins accumulate in the water. This discoloration of the water prevents sunlight from penetrating, essentially suffocating animal life underneath it. Red tide is particularly harmful to marine life, even beyond the dramatic fish kills that make the news. It causes respiratory irritations in both humans and animals, resulting in a variety of health issues.

Unfortunately, red tide outbreaks are becoming the new normal in Hernando Beach. That is why it’s important to stay informed and educated on how to prepare for and combat red tide. Some of the things you can do include limiting your contact with the water, avoiding areas with high concentrations of red tide algae, and doing your part to reduce pollution and water pollution.